Zipbox® Packaging Benefits

Consumers look for more from folding cartons in two major areas:

  • Opening the package
  • Reclosing the package

How does Zipbox® address this?

Zipbox combines the ‘tried and true’ elements of folding cartons with the convenience and functionality of the resealable pouch, eliminating the need for an inner liner.

Because of its unique array of benefits, consumers and CPG companies alike are heralding the arrival of Zipbox packaging for products such as cereals, crackers/cookies, frozen foods, flour, pasta, detergents and pet foods. Anything that can be packed today in a carton with a liner, pouch or canister should be considered for the Zipbox.

Zipbox® Consumer Benefits

Consumer acceptance of Zipbox is high because it:

  • Responds to unmet needs for easy opening and closing
  • Provides already understood zipper technology
  • Eliminates bag-in-box frustration with retaining product freshness after the bag is opened.
  • Uses a proven bottom carton seal that assures product freshness and effective moisture protection
  • Makes pouring easier and more controlled – no bag to slide out of the box
  • Keeps contents fresher longer
  • Meets the need for stable packaging – stores well and stacks easily in cupboard/pantry

“Consumer understanding of and appreciation for the benefits and advantages of Zipbox indicates a high degree of acceptance for more effective resealable packaging in their cupboards.” ~ Neil Kozarsky

Zipbox® CPG Benefits

  • U.S.-based supply solution
  • Accommodates existing production infrastructure with few modifications
  • High-speed production and packaging – as fast as or faster than current cartoning operations
  • Easy, low-cost packaging size changes
  • Sustainable supply chain savings impact through source reduction and cube efficiency
  • 10% – 40% additional content capacity in comparison to bag-in-box packaging
  • Longer shelf life / less potential for waste
  • Compared to canister/stand-up pouch options, Zipbox provides:
    • Better space efficiency from manufacturer to retail shelf due to rectangular “footprint”
    • Higher filler speed
    • Better cube out on pallets